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Kalendar is an electronic diary like XCal. You can manage your appointments, birthdays or any other events. When an event is coming up you will be reminded by a message box, by playing sound and/or by an email. Furthermore you may define arbitrary instants for such reminders (also more than one if you like) before an event is coming up .


  • KDE 3.1.x and above
  • Qt 3.x and above
  • automake 1.7


Kalendar is licensed under the GPL and free of charge.



    There is an issue in recurrent events when using yearly recurrence. In years before a leap year events after february are a day too early. This will be fixed in the next release.


    Version 0.1.8 of kalendar is out.
    • Added an alpha release of a pilot importer to import appointments from the Palm Pilot calendar program. The importer uses the pilot link suit version 0.11.
    • GUI handling improved.


    Version 0.1.7 of kalendar is out. I have ported Kalendar to KDE 3.1. Also some bugs are fixed (event types not saved correctly, hanging on exit).


Here are some screenshots of version 0.1.6.


Please take a look at the download section.


Ingo Stierand (ing.stierand@web.de)